As the nickname implies, it's not all that cheery here.

How's it different?Edit

Up to the Son of Fate, history is more or less the same (give or take some minor details about Wily's relationship with Light and Emily and how Light and his children interacted). 

It's after that fateful battle, that this universe branches off. Rock, rather than running or abondaning the city, chose to finish the fight he'd started then and there. Naturally he met a fate not unlike his brother did proir. Wily, seeing no reason to rebuild what was left of the older model, decided to keep and rebuild Rock instead. Wily quickly bent his newst trophy into shape over the next few months, and all was quiet again (or as quiet as these universes tend to get). Things continued from there unchanged for several years, it was only when the multiverse came into play, that the foundations began to crack.

Due to some huge events in the world (and Rock eventually getting out of the tower with the aid of some friends) Proto was rebuilt (roughly seven years after his second death) in the hopes of being used to get his brother back. 

More on the important history and events later when I can brain.

Characters Edit

Wily (angst verse)

  • Artemis (NPC)

Rockwell Light

  • Rush (NPC) 

Broderick "Brody" Light

  • Battle Kitten "BK" (NPC)

Dell Stratton

  • David Stratton (NPC) 

Maeve Fujiwara

Will get to talking about all of them later <3