The JR Gang is John Douglas (Omegaverse)'s mercenary group.


Barry Johnson: 24. A childhood friend of John's, the two share a passion for guns and dubstep, but tend to butt heads on occasion.

Kathryn and Katelyn Todd: Twins. 25.. Usually go on two-person jobs, e.x. raids in dangerous areas, where having someone watching your back is always a good thing.

Patrick Stevens: 22. One of John's associates from his days as a courier, the two chose to continue their business together under John's leadership when he struck out on his own.

Jacob Worley: 19. The odd man out in the group, he joined simply because he needed the work. The type who speaks before they think when it ocmes to etiquette, but someone who can keep a secret.

Julian Wagner: 28. A private person, who as far as anyone else knows, is business, and business only. Doesn't talk much. Has been doing this kind of thing for longer than he'd like to think about.