Maeve Fujiwara is an agent of Wily in the AngstVerse with a very special set of skills. She is also shrouded in a great deal of mystery.


With an hourglass shape, long legs, delicate features, pale skin, curves that are generous-but-not-over-the-top, ink-black hair that falls to the small of her back in waves, and bright teal eyes, Maeve is a beauty and she knows it. And she does what she can to further enhance that beauty, since her looks (as she sees it) are just another tool for her. She tends to dress in blacks, greys, whites, and golds, and is rather fond of expensive-looking jewelry, when she can get her hands on it.

Think Dita von Teese in terms of shape and facial structure.

General PersonalityEdit

The Maeve that others see is gregarious, cheerful, and flirtatious. She loves to be around others, to drink and chat and socialize. Underneath that, however, is a cunning woman with her own goals, her own plans, and she will do whatever she has to to achieve them. So far? That’s involved being loyal to Wily, and making sure rebels are…put in their place. Bloodily, if need be. Beware the pretty face.



The MultiverseEdit